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=>What Happend<=
My life had almost already been lost, apparently 2 litters of blood loss within 2 minutes should have done that? I kept conscious. Severe "subchorionic hemorrhaging"(blood and clot between my uterus and placenta) caused my should be 18 week fundus to measure at 25 weeks. Doctors put fear in my heart and clogged my mind. According to them carrying my child was killing me; it was a matter of time before a heart attack, stroke, and/or death.
My options were continue with the pregnancy with the one or all of the above happening to me, having a minimal risk D and E, or "induction termination" with a greater risk. I trust my body to birth, it had done so twice. Although I wavered, the thought of hurting my child and not seeing it was too much too handle. I opted the the "induction termination."
They began Tuesday, March 17, 2009 evening by inserting 6 laminarias into my cervix. This was very painful/uncomfortable. A nurse woke me up the next morning to move me to another room. This nurse, Elise, was an angel and I'm so blessed to have had her as my nurse yesterday. They then started with the mizo, a little pill they insert into the cervix to start labor. They continued putting one in every 3 or so hours. It was a good, cathartic labor. I didn't want the trouble of an epidural, so towards the end I opted for some more morphine, this did NOTHING for me. How this stuff helps people in major pain is beyond me. The Dr. came in to check me and put another mizo in. I was 4 cm and -2 station. She was convinced it would be awhile. Not 15 minutes later I birthed him.